About Us

PT. Mitra Inti Medika is a company operating in the field of medical and laboratory equipment with the following businesses: distributor, service, maintenance and calibration.

Based on the Medical Device Distributor Permit (IDAK) PT. MITRA INTI MEDIKA issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia with License Number: 91202092629710001, issued on July 21 2023, it is permitted to distribute medical devices:

  • Radiation Electromedical Medical Devices
  • Non-Radiation Electromedical Medical Devices
  • Sterile Non-Electromedical Medical Devices
  • Non-Sterile Non-Electromedical Medical Devices

Also PT. MITRA INTI MEDIKA has a Certificate of Good Health Equipment Distribution Methods (CDAKB) with number PB-UMKU: 912020926297100010009 issued on 08 December 2023.



Benefit the health of the wider community through our products.

  • Create new jobs

  • Add insight and

  • Knowledge in the health sector Cooperate with various parties